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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Our post wedding photo shoot had to take place pretty quickly after the party because we were flying to Leeds soon after. We were a bit worried about the weather but in the end the sun didn't dissapoint us. Our idea (which means my idea, Chris' idea was not to have it at all) was to visit all the places in Gdansk that had a meaning for us, so Cafe Absinthe - where we fell in love at second sight, Mariacka street where Chris proposed to me, Długa street - our favourite place for a walk and coffee, Oliwski Park where we had one of our first dates (I was terribly late, yet still I was forgiven). My hubby doesn't like hot weather + evening suit + camera combination so we had to be really quick before he'd change into Mr Grumpy. We managed to visit all the places and there are photos where Chris is actually smiling ;) After seeing the developed photos he changed his mind about the necessity of having a wedding photo shoot and I'm slowly developing ideas for an album. This layout is out of the blue, I needed one for work. I wanted to add more embellishments but the final result is, as usual, completely different.