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Give a Cheer

this is for this week's dare over at i was so glad i got to scrap this... i wasn't going to, but barb's dare gave me just the direction i needed.

i remember very well as a kid insisting that i would be a vet when i grew up. Although that is not where my life went at all, every now and then, i get a little pocket of time where i can at least express that love for animals. our 2 bearded dragons mated. i knew [to some degree] what a pregnant bearded dragon meant, but like many other things, you just can’t really know what it takes. so yes, there are a TON of them with more to come. they eat like little monsters and cost a fortune to care for. but each time one goes to a new home, i feel an ache. they are the sweetest little guys and though it is a whole lot of work, i am so helplessly attached to them. i love it. i talk to them. i name them. i worry about them when i’ve been away from home for a while. i lose sleep if i feel like something is “off”, their lighting, the temperature, did they get enough to eat today. i smile and take the heat when others think it’s odd. the happy feeling in my heart they give me just makes it all worth it. every tiny bit.

smokey joe – color is all black + grey. motown jack – black + some orange. mustang sally – came out of the egg running… jumped out of my hand 6 times from the egg to the tank. spicy pete – the last orange one left in 2nd clutch. jack-b-nimble – runs around tank trying to climb the walls of the tank all day, everyday. sunny d – the lightest in color of all in 3rd clutch. slim shady – the skinniest one of all in 3rd clutch. lucy lou – very calm and waits patiently for the crickets to come to her. jack black – named by gage, he’s 1 of only 2 in the 3rd clutch that has black in color. zorro – the one
with the most black in the 2nd clutch. swiper – watched him snag a cricket right out from under his brother and then take off to hide behind the rocks. dusky-dawn – passed away while hatching. happy gilmore – super friendly and jumps onto my hand each time i reach down into the tank. biggie smallz – the runt of the 3rd clutch. johnny come lately – hatched 7 days after the 1st egg hatched in the 3rd clutch. cheddar bob – brightest orange one in the 3rd clutch. name inspired from “cheddar bob” in the movie 8-mile. date: june2010

lighter blue paper from Under the Sun kit by Ju Kneipp
dotted blue paper from Free Falling kit by Danielle Young
stitching from stitched down by Erin Ink
light grey paper from A Beautiful Mess collab kit by Emily Powers + TaylorMade