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This is a 25 cent photo of my family (sisters and 4 of my sis kids. I am the one on the bottom right *=) ) Growing up in Mexico is totally different then growing up here, we played from early hrs of the morning 'til 8pm in the evening we all loved being bare footed *=D Back then there was a photographer that used to walk around the neighborhood taking pictures of the kids or families like this one, on this ocasion my sis Maggie top r. would go and gather us no matter how we looked or how dirty we were, she would still have the 'photo man' like we use to call him take our picture, back then it was a luxury in Mexico to own a camera, so this photos are priceless and the best ones, some of my sisters have some other ones that I need to get a copy of. The 5x7 were 25cents the smaller ones were 10cents. I am 5yrs old in this pic. the babies are 41 and 40 yrs old. *=) TFL