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We had a good time here until I did a face plant on my Segway. Then it wasn't fun anymore.

Most of the path has a drop off which isn't too bad. Lots of cactus and the broken lava which they say is sharp like glass. Some places had 30' drop-offs into cactus' and lava rock and I went slow and did okay in those sections.

However, near the very end of the trail Bill kept telling me to get my wheels over more to the left and I moved them little bits at a time. Finally I got mad and moved them over too much and I went over the handlebars and right off a 2'-3' drop off and landed face first into a spiny bush.

We were on the road for 2 more weeks and I spent them with scratches all over my face. In fact for the first days my face really burned and I kept putting ice on it.

I've been back on the Segway a little bit since then, but I know I'm not nearly experienced enough for a trail like this! I found that out the hard way.