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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is me on Jane Wayne day, on this day we get to spend a whole day at dh work and kind of experience a lil bit what they do at work, we also have the opportunity to shoot a big rifle, (wich I really stink when it comes to shooting)*=] and have one of those "wonderful meals" that they get to eat when they are deployed YUM *=P(yuck). but here, I only got to experience just a tiny bit what it takes to be a Marine (hard work) when I saw this pp I thought to myself 'You've come a long way baby!' but I really was not thinking about me, I was thinking about the Marine Ladies, (all my respects to them,) this ladies are hard core *=O It really takes alot of dicipline and hard work to be a Good Marine. There are girls that could be my daughters some of them are younger than my dd, and I really admire them I don't know if I would've been able to be a Marine @ that age *=] maybe, maybe not. This young Marine girls are not worried about how they look or having trendy clothes or looking cute all the time, they are focus on their work and their service to all of us Americans. Again all my respects to all this wonderful ladies. TFL*=)