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This is are photos of my dh wearing a shirt that his Momma made for him over 12yrs ago*=) I am not the type of wife that tells my dh how to dress I just make sure his clothes are clean and pressed He dresses how he likes *=) so He has kept this shirt for over 12 yrs and he is so proud to let people know his momma made this for him, He also gives me such a hard time when I want to take a pic of him, but on this ocasion I told him that I wanted to take some pics of him wearing this shirt so I could sent them to his mom so she could see how her boy still proudly wears the shirt that she made for him yrs ago *=) so He gladly pose for me I only wanted 2 photos and I ended up taking 5 @ his request Oh and He smiled for me.( He is such a mommas boy*=D) The beautiful lady in the bottom pic is his beloved mom. T so much FL.