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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

This is a photo of my accident prone son and the culprit behind the incident. Nate has what we call the "Cly Clutz Curse".... a curse passed down through the generations, a blight that causes one to trip over flat surfaces and walk into unmoving objects randomly. If you look back into this gallery you will see many of these "accidents". -sigh-

The orginal was "Is it Summer?" By Scraphappynicole. I took the basic design and ran with it!

First of all I used sandpaper around the photo and then enhanced the sandpapered area with a Martha Stewart white ink pen. Double matted and lined with black. The letters are from an old, Old, OLD paper stack that I picked up at Hobby Lobby at least 6 years ago which I also double stacked to give the embossed look.