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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Created for the Ugly Paper Challenge:

The first sheet I punched out multiple size flowers and then lightly air brushed some of them with black on the edges and others were air brushed heavily. I layered these and attached them to the cardstock (other ugly paper) with brads.

The yellow sheet was dramatically altered! Frist I used opaque white and dabbed the entire sheet where you could still see the yellow design through the white. Then I used black spray paint to mask the heart shape. While the paint was still a little damp I turned the sheet upside down on newsprint and ironed it.... not only to flatten it, but this allowed some of the wet paint to come off the yellow sheet and transfer onto the newsprint giving it the yellow distressed areas.

I also spray painted and added purple glittler to the doiley (looks really cool in person) and added the black rhinestones and silver leaves.
*NOTE Spray paint is not archival safe

The sign is made of metal, but you can't really see all the distressing I did to it.