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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Tough and Tender. That is the perfect description for the final canine member of author Jon Katz and his wife Maria's pack. At long last, Frieda has found her forever home. A Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix, Frieda was a feral dog who survived on her wiles near the campus of a community college. With strong determination, Maria was able to adopt Frieda and together they built an impenetrable relationship of trust and understanding. Frieda trusted no one but Maria. This, of course, presented a problem when Jon and Maria fell in love. Frieda did not like people in general, and particularly hated men. She had no use for other dogs and let's just say, her ability to hunt creatures of all sorts was finely honed from living in the wild, fending for herself. :(

Jon was focused and relentless in his desire to bring Frieda into his home and life. His intuitive skills with dogs, and his patience in allowing her to fail and try again, have made all the difference. The consistent training and calming techniques he's used have enabled Frieda to become a house dog who loves nothing more than to doze at Jon's feet while he works on his next chapter or blog. She is the farm's guardian and protector, keeping an eye on all the daily comings and goings.

Her training has been so successful that just a few weeks ago, Jon was able to take Frieda along to her first bookstore event where she was the shining star. Jon thoughtfully selected an audience of dog lovers who would not rush Frieda, but would give her respect and space to try her wings. Reports are that Frieda's debut (and the enthusiastic discussion of dog training methods) was a complete success. I so wish I could have been in upstate New York to celebrate this milestone for Jon and Frieda! They both worked hard to get to this place. And hurray for Maria who set her fears aside and sent Frieda off to pass this "test" with flying colors.

Jon's black Lab, Lenore, also deserves credit for helping Frieda become a member of their family. No one can resist Lenore's charms! Frieda was no exception and is now great pals with all three of Jon's dogs. She's also learning to be calm around the barn cats, donkeys, and sheep.

I have mentioned in the previous LOs done for this series that Jon (Katz) is not only a great writer, he has also become well known for his photography. I love this photo he shot of Miss Frieda looking alert but calm as she watches activity on the farm. She's a beautiful dog who deserves this chance to start over and experience what it's like to be part of a loving family. You go, girl!

(submitted to Krista's Sept. Scrap Your Pet Challenge)

Thank you for looking! Karen

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