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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For the Sept. Scrap your pets and No PP challenges
This is my cat, Bug-A-Boo.
Journaling on the tag tells the story of how this once little stray cat who adopted us went through a variety of names until finally ending up with 'Bug-A-Boo'.
I wanted her first two names to be less visible since they weren't really legit names so I made them the same color as the background paper and just lightly went around the letters in black pen
For those interested in how it all went down:
1st name: Bill (she's a stray and we're not keeping her, so she can't have a 'real' name
2nd name: Heather (given to her by the humane society)
3rd name Snickers (The first name we gave her when we reclaimed her from the Humane Society)
4th name Snickerdoodle
5th name Doodlebug
6th name: Bug-A-Boo
Each name change happened rather spontaneously from Snickers on. Funny how the last part of each name became the beginning of another name until the perfect name finally came to be.
She's just our Bug!