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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Hmmmm...where do I begin? This has been a challenging lo for me to complete....about my dad who has Alzheimers. But I've had this design in my head for months and knew I had to scrap it :) This description would be much too long if I were to explain the symbolism of all the elements on the page, but I will tell you that my dad left the farm(burlap) and became an entrepreneur in the city, starting his own business dealing with jukeboxes. Thus, the 45 record and jukebox song labels (with my journalling). This past summer was good for my dad and he enjoyed sitting on my back deck in the sun, whistling to birds and listening to music. Music is a great comfort to him now, and strangely, his memory for songs is still strong. Thank you to Michelle for the handmade flower. Thank you to Hel for the musical ribbon. Thank you to Maggie for the palm tree napkin, multi-medium and instructions. (My dad loved spending winters in Hawaii, so I included the palm tree napkin). If the photo looks "unusual", it's because I edited it in Photoshop to make it look like a tile mosaic, along the Fragments theme. Journalling reads: Dad, you have embarked on a journey where time is forgotten. Your memories surface, then fade away from one moment to the next. But the music keeps you company, bringing comfort, joy and even peace. You are not alone, Dad. I will walk beside you every step of the way, listening to the songs in your heart. I love you."