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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is of my 2nd sons first birthday. He had a great time with his cake. Unlike his brother, he dug right into his first cake with both hands. He was so much fun to watch. There is hidden journaling under the large photo. It reads:
Wow, Gavin I can not believe it is already your first birthday. It seems like yesterday that we came came home from the hospital and your brother was waiting to hold you.
We had a small party for you, just family. You have had such a good day. I was surprised you even had a nap. A small nap, but it kept you happy.
After dinner we brought you your birthday cake. One that Dad made JUST FOR YOU. It was a small bear. You dug right in with both hands. you were even willing to share with Daddy and Aunt Becky.
Happy First Birthday!