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Layout I did for my BOM.

Journaling is 24 things about me, my favorites, wishes.
It reads: I have a celebrity crush on Matthew Gray Gubler.. I want to be an amazing scrapbooker.. I love to buy purses.. I love to read.. Elsie Flannigan is my favorite independent artist.. I love to listen to music.. I have my nose pierced.. I love reality TV.. I still live at home.. I love dogs.. I sleep with a stuffed frog.. I need to lose weight.. I would love to stay home and create all day.. Criminal Minds is my favorite TV show.. I wish I had someone to talk to.. I wish I could sing.. I listen to the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.. Brooklynn is my most favorite person EVER!.. I have one tattoo and want another one.. I can't read sheet music.. I would love to play the guitar and piano.. I wish I could learn to love who I am.. I wish I had a best friend.. I want to move out on my own..

I used a PageMaps sketch.