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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

I was inspired by Gulosa,I love the way she takes paper tearing to another level. These are just pics of me, back in North Carolina. I took these pics when my hubby and I were facing the possiblities of being separated by the military- I had a thyroid condition and the military took it as precaution to possibly not allow me to meet and live out here with him. With all the prayers and love we made it through. Any how, these were for him, just in case. I wrote on the little tag/journaling block for him, it pulls right out- or you could just un-button it and it will fall off. These were all scraps from another lo I had done for my mother. Unfortunately the burgandy seems to look more like a lava red on this pic. I tried to take a good pic, but once again the lighting is my problem. Well thanks for looking. Claudia