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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I created this layout when I was trying to get pregnant this past January. Please read the letter to my daughter for details.

January 24, 2006

My Dearest Julia,

You bring such light into my life. Just when I think there is no hope, you are there with your smiles, hugs, and kisses. You just know, when I need them the most!

You see, my darling daughter, daddy and I are trying to have another baby. We would like to grow our family and give you a sibiling. Someone you can play with and grow up with. Unfortunately itís not that easy for mom and dad to get pregnant. We need to go through a medical procedure called Invitro-Fertilization (IVF) for a chance at pregnancy. You were conceived through IVF and I can still remember the day the nurse called and told us we were pregnant! IVF is a very expensive procedure and it doesnít guarantee a pregnancy. We can only go through the cycle and pray we are blessed. This cycle is especially hard for me. My response to the medication wasnít as I expected and we retrieved less eggs for fertilization than any other cycle. My day was filled with tears. I didnít understand how this could happen to us, why we canít just get pregnant like everyone else, why itís so hard, and why we always have obsticles. It was a VERY hard day for me, I felt like life had done me wrong. Why did I have to be put through so many tests, why couldnít I be normal. Why do we always struggle.

....Then daddy brought you home. You ran up to me, yelling ďmommy, mommyĒ and gave me a great big hug. At that moment I forgot about my day and all the bad things that happened. You are the center of my world and you made it all better. You my dear, are the best medicine. NO matter what any doctor could give me to make me feel better, it wouldnít have helped. It was you that brightened my day and my spirit.

Did we get pregnant? That is still unknown, but I do know, every time I look at you, I am thankful for what I have been given. My beautiful little girl, full of life, spirit, and spunk!

I love you!


(Just so you know, I did NOT get pregnant)

Products Used:
KI Memories -
My Girl - Ice tags
My Girl Patterned Paper: Frosty / Geo Floral, Glitter, Broadway Cardstock, Disco Fever
Heidi Swapp -
Ghost Alphabet: Reason Lowercase
Silhouette Images: Daisy
Rub-ons: French Quarter white
Scrapworks - Spiral Square Clip - white
Bazzil - Cardstock
American Crafts - Uptown Pink Ribbon
Daisy D's - Photo Hangers white
Misc ribbon
Making Memories paint