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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Layout Title: "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Cheerio Gone (oh where, oh where can it be)?

Sponsors' Products Used:
Bazzill Basics: Cardstock
K.I. Memories: Run-On Tattoo Letters
BasicGrey: Towering Type

Other Products Used
Paperbilities: Cardstock
The Paper Company: Patterned Papers
Nicole Classic Treasured Memories: Nostalgic Paper Shapes
Eyelets (Unknown Brand)
Craft Foam (Unknown Brand)
Ribbon and Fibers (Unknown Brands)
Adobe Photoshop-Journaling and Title Layouts
Fonts-"Garamond" by Microsoft; "Grasshopper" found at
Cheerio background photo by Sean McCormick of

Seven-months-old and eating Cheerios! I know that Cheeios is the standard "first solid food for baby," but I can't get over how precious you are when you reach for those little round oat rings with your entire hand. The way that drool covers your face and becomes a magnet for stray Cheerios is way too cute.

The first time you attempted to pick up Cheerios was at Sue's house. Instead of eating in a usual high chair, you sat in a booster seat. The Cheerios were easily within your reach because the tray was right in front of you! Your looks of intense concentration warmed my heart and made me proud to be your Mommy.

During your first week of Cheerio eating, (of course) you lost three-quarters of your Cheerios, and you'd search all over for them (under the tray, on the floor, up in the air), wondering where they went. The funniest incident of a missing Cheerio was when you tried to push one into your mouth, and it slid down to the middle of your chin and stayed there. Your Nana and I laughed and laughed at you, and you peered up at us, confused.

Although you've only been munching Cheerios for a little over a week now, you've already moved on to more challenging snacks like crackers, croutons, and pieces of bread. Watching you achieve baby milestones makes me so incredibly grateful to have you. February 2006.

Hidden Journaling (Behind Face in "O" of Cheerio):
I love you, "Little Mister!" You're such a big boy growing up and learning to do things on your own makes me sad but overjoyed at the same time. I can't get over how amazing it is just to watch you eat Cheerios! Love, Mommy