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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

this layout is of my daughter and her cousin Easter of 2005. We couldn't get them to sit nice, so this is what we got.

Easter Sunday 2005

We begged for all of you to sit nice and smile. I guess that was our first mistake. Easter Sunday 2005 was celebrated with a family gathering at Uncle Paul and Aunt Amyís house in Fargo. Included in the celebration were Amy, Paul, Alex, Nick and Abby, Joan and Carly, mommy, daddy, and you! We all arrived after church and wanted to get a good picture of all the cousins before the clothes were dirty and the kids were tired. Well, needless to say, the nice picture didnít turn out. This is what we got instead. Funny thing is, itís shows everyoneís personalities perfectly!