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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

All doodles by me- on paper. This is the second page of my new art journal. Sorry for the shotty scan- not used to scanning things for uploads- I mostly do digi, but this one needed lots of doodles so i did it on paper.

I have always been an artist and i always will. It's the best form of therapy for me. I have a hard time expressing myself, unless i can do it in an artistic way. I think that doodling is my favorite. You start without having any idea of what you're about to create and end up with a masterpiece that expresses what is going on inside of you. Scrapping is my way of making sure my family know what they mean to me.
Self X-pression
Visual Therapy
Find the Extrodinary in ordinary things
Create- Imagine-Inspire
I am an artist- always have been and will be