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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

For the Oh Scrap Challenge - stitching on a layout.
Lyrics are to "I loved her first" by Heartland which is the song my Dad and I danced to at my wedding.
Hidden journaling reads: Dad originally picked “Moondance” by Van Morrison to be the song we danced to. On the day of the wedding, he decided to change it. I think Aunt Chris and Aunt Sharon were involved. He told me he changed it, but didn’t tell me what he changed it to. It was time for our dance and Brady called Dad to the dance floor. And called him again…and again. Finally we just had to switch and do the Mother Son Dance. I couldn’t believe my father stood me up on my wedding! Turns out he was just walking Grandma out to her car. Someone ran out to find him and he came back, out of breath, just in time for Chris and Teresa’s song to end. We took our spot on the dance floor and I listened to the first ten seconds of the song and immediately started talking. Dad asked me if I was listening to the lyrics. I told him, “No. There just going to make me cry.” He said, “Well you should listen to them they’re really good.” I told him I’d do it later. Of course I was bawling at this point.

I feel like I kind of ruined it for him. I took away the power of the lyrics and just the two of us dancing. But, I wasn’t ready for it. I know he loved me first. I know he held me first. I know a place in his heart will always be mine. It was hard dealing with the idea that I wasn’t going to be Daddy’s girl anymore. I was going to be Chris’s girl. And I just wanted to talk about the fun we were having, not all the things like getting tucked into bed I was giving up. So we did. And we both cried like babies through the entire song anyway.