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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My first BOM page! It's true, my favorite weather is when it's really windy and cloudy and a light drizzle. Everyone looks at me funny and asks if I'm not cold.
This was my first time making my own background (well, apart from some vanilla chalking), and I think I like it! Also my first time crumpling paper, stamping, embossing, tearing a photo, embossing a photo, using a white marker, using letter die-cuts, altering the letters... Wow, that's a lot of firsts. Normally I'm more of a clean-line person, but I think I'm going to branch out and have fun with the BOM.

There are lots of fun techniques in this one! The background started as a plain Bazzill cardstock page, linen texture. I used white and black and navy paint to make it lighter in one corner and darker in a nother, and also to emphasise the texture (I was finger-painting just lightly across the surface, so the paint didn't get into the deeper bits). Then I drew the big blue lines with a marker, added some white bits with another marker, and stamped with black paint for the ferns (I tried black ink too, but the paint looked cooler and more black). Then I made raindrops with a Versamarker, and embossed them with clear powder, so they actually look wet.
The photo is torn, and also actually embossed - it was already there when I was finishing up the raindrops, and some powder stuck to it - first I was scared that I had burned it or something, but then I ended up going ahead and heating the powder instead of brushing it off. It ended up being a fun effect.
The small letters are just hand-written with a white marker. The large ones are cut out of white Bazzill with a die-cut machine, crumpled, inked black, and chalked blue. Lots of fun!

The background I actually did in a class at my LSS - it was about making pages inpired by random ads in magazines, and was pretty cool. I didn't decide what I was going to do with it until later - the inspiration was shadows of leaves and glass things, and mine ended up looking more like wind then like shadows, so I went with the weather theme.