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Photos of my cat and a grasshopper my dd rescued. I have to add the journaling but the story is: *NO WORRIES: Story Has A Happy Ending* My dd rescued the grasshopper from between two glass panels on our screen door. We gave her food and were fascinated watching her so decided to keep her a few days. For her habitat I used a large glass vase, netting material, and a rubber band to secure it over the open end. I placed it in what I thought was a kitty proof area (I should have known better!). One afternoon I saw Charlie with what looked like one of Leggy Peggy (Yes, we named the grasshopper) legs sticking out of his mouth. I yelled and my dd came running. She sized up the situation and hit charlie (not too hard) on the back of the head to make him let go. It worked! His head moved forward, his mouth opened, Leggy Peggy jumped out and I caught her before Charlie could recapture her (he was sure trying!) and much to our astonishment she was fine. The next day we released her. A side note, we know she was a girl because we were lucky enough to watch her lay eggs. TFL