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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

more pages for the wedding album. my husband's family has a tradition of playing a round of golf the morning of a wedding. New Crate paper LOVE IT!

journaling reads:
On the morning of our wedding, 21 guys met the Groom at the Welsford Golf Club. The tradition of golfing on the morning of a wedding has engrained itself into our family. The morning of August 23rd, 2003 was particularly foggy. So foggy that you couldn’t see where your shot landed. The second group on the tee had to wait for us to yell back so they could shoot; luckily it cleared up by the third hole. We had a lot of fun that morning. The groomsmen, best man, and Steve (the Groom) were in the first group to be sure we wouldn’t run late.