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The photos are out of order, but you can see them in order if you read my blog entry about this project process:

In July of 2006, when hubby had a week of vacation at home, he decided he would replace the window in the den. Our home is over 100 years old and all the original windows were still in it at the time. But, this window was letting water in around it, which was destroying it. There was even one time, when it was raining really hard, that water came out the holes of the electrical outlet right underneath it!!! Clearly, something major needed to be done! Well, this was the beginning of it ALL!

As hubby began to take the trim off the window, the wall beneath the window just crumbled away. Okay...what to do with this?! This turned into the decision not to replace the window, but to wall it up. Well, we didn't want boards over the back of our house...So that led to the decision to put up vinyl siding (over the wood siding that needed painted, and would continue to every few years or so). We knew all our windows really needed to be replaced, and that it would be better to do that before siding...

So, it all snowballed from there...
As you can see, we had no choice but to rip out the old plaster and lath board to put up new drywall...