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i think i remember seeing the tabs somewhere but i dont know where so i tried to re-create it as best as i could from memory. it might have been on here. i used a line from the old farewell song "leaving on a jetplane" by the mamas and papas. i also used a label maker for the timestamps. i shalked the tabs with a tan coloring.

this is from the day my fiance left for his first tour to iraq, which wasnt that long ago but seems like forever.

the journaling reads:
"5:30- Waking up at 4:30 in the morning was no easy task- especially with the day that lie ahead of her. Nevertheless, she got up, got dressed, and hit the road at 100 MPH for Camp Pendleton."
"6:30- An hour and two interrogations later, she was finally past the main gate and parked near other family members- her eyes searching frantically for him."
"7:30- If it werent for all the bags and packs surrounding her- she might have forgotten he was leaving. For hours they stood in one another's embrace, breaking only for pictures and formation."
"9:30 As the buses pulled in and were then loaded, a last hug and kiss were exchanged between the two. With a sad farewell, he boarded the bus- leaving nothing behind but a promise to return."