Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My fiance is always doing the cutest little things for me and this is just an example of one of them. On this particular occasion he made me a bracelet. I cut a piece of a page protector, punched holes up the sides and tied the sides closed with ribbon to make a little bag for it. Also the title is hand cut. Sorry it scanned so dark and kinda crooked. Too much lumpy stuff I guess.

Journaling: Jacob, I have to admit, you caught me a little off guard tonight. One min. you were on my bed watchihng TV and the next you were in the floor in front of my tackle box full of scrapbooking supplies. When I asked what you were doing you simply told me "I wanna make you somethin". So for the next hour I patiently waited and watched as you made you selections and decided what pieces were to be included in my 'gift'. I must admit, after a while I forgot that you were even making something for me. I wasjust so fascinated and amused with watching you as you intently worked.

It's this playful, child-like innocense that you have about you that I absolutly love. And because of that you're always able to make me smile either by makeing me a bracelet or by doing something as simple as looking at with a big goofy grin. Love you. - Tara