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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This was for a challenge-
A Memorial to someone who is gone
I decided to make this a page about myself, something I don't scrap very often! The main photo is myself at age 3 or 4. My family always called this my "Senior Picture" because of the pose. Small picture is myself at age 25.

She's Gone
Vintage-y Wild Asparagus pp, MM frame, photo hangers,
7 Gypsies photo anchors
dye-I used kool-aid around the edges of the journaling, which was also painted(white), inked, crumpled, and torn. The photo was also sanded and painted(white)
Heidi Swapp Chipboard letters spell out the title

"She loved Cabbage Patch Kids and playing baseball
Rode her bike around the same 8 blocks with her friend Catherine--Right Left, or Left Right?-- and spent days on top of the monkey bars at the park after a quick trip to the 7-11
She was tormented by her brothers, and did her fair share of annoying
Couldn't find the floor of her closet, but always knew where her baby blanket was
Read the days away; book after book, library trip after library trip
Wanted to be a teacher and a Mom
She's Gone
Or is she?"

Flap lifts up for more journaling:
"I still love Cabbage Patch dolls. I buy one as a gift for anyone young enough to enjoy one
I still love playing baseball
I still enjoy spending time with Catherine, although there isn't much bike riding going on
I still am tormented by my brothers at times, but enjoy their company now more than ever
I still have a mess, but know where the important things are!
I am still a reader, every chance I get
I am now a teacher, and still look forward to being a Mom
She's definitely NOT gone!"