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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I first became interested in scrapbooking when I followed Martha Bonneau's blog about her pug. She posted at 2Peas. She did a layout of her garden concrete gnome. I have been on a fruitless search for that exact same gnome ever since! So here I am Pledging Allegiance or saying Hi with this Gnomeo whose photo was on the wall at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio this past summer. Why a gnome photo on the wall by the polar bear exhibit, I do not know. While my son was based in Korea, he's in the Air Force, whenever he went to a movie they gave people posters. So I scanned the poster and fussy cut it. Hopefully, the title says Gnomeo and Juliet as I cannot read Korean. Thank you to all of you who insisted I post an avi BEFORE I finished this and passed myself off as a stranger.