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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Maybe not the most wonderful lo ever, but the story is so fun and the pictures are adorable. Journaling says:
Mommy:Sees Hazel heading into the bathroom. "Don't play in the water, Hazel." Continues on to misc. errand.
Hazel: Did mommy just say water? I'll pretend I didn't understand her...since I don't talk yet, she won't ever know. Oh, look...the tub's full.
Oh yes, the water's great. This is fun.
Mommy: Enters bathroom. Gasps. "Hazel!"
Hazel: Oh boy. Quickly but carefully scan Mommy's face. Aha, there it is - a flicker of a smile. Begin cheesing. Majorly.
Hazel: Keep it up, still on shaky ground, but no real worries. There's no way Mommy can get mad at THIS FACE.
Mommy: Laughs.
Hazel: All clear. I think I'll go for a swim. Hmmm....that's funny, my diaper seems extraordinarily heavy.

My good friend wrote it all for me. I thought it would look cute handwritten--but definitely not in my henscratching!