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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

My Mother in-law and Sister in-law love having my cards on hand to give out to people. So I decided one Christmas to make them pretty tins to be able to keep the cards in. Then a couple times a year I would refill their stash. When my mother in-law passed away in 2006 my sister in-law took the cards and added them to her collection but didn’t need the tin. So I think it got thrown away or given away (can’t remember). At the time we didn’t really think my father in-law would have use for it since he doesn’t send out a lot of cards. Well, we were wrong. We got a call one day asking where the card box went so we told him and he said he was looking for it so he could send a card out. So I told him I would make a “manly” box for him to keep his cards in. I have given him cards to use but just haven’t got around to making the tin.

I had some cool looking manly paper (same paper I did the fishing card out of last month) and paired it with the Time to Fish Digital Image from Clear Dollar Stamps. My husband helped me by telling me it needed the fishing pole and fish on there with the basket. I came up with the metal stringer and brads…which I think turned out cute! I actually think the WHOLE thing turned out pretty awesome! On the inside lid I placed instructions on mailing bulky cards….they cost more and you have to put “hand stamp only” on the envelope and hand the envelope to the mail clerk. Then I added the light tan piece to make a pocket to put some of the 65 cent extra posting stamps in there for him. That way he can keep them in there since they are for the cards.