Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my journaling....This is me back in the day…1980
Back when I had my whole future in front of me.
I was just about to move from Kentucky to Las Vegas. Who knew that in six months time I would be living with my future (ex) Husband and becoming an instant (Step) Mom. It was quite an adventure, one I'll always remember with fond memories and with a touch of regret. I drove my 1976 Camero out there and back to Kentucky a couple of times but eventually sold it while living in Vegas…no, it wasn't to pay off a gambling debt…lol. I learned early on not to gamble more than you could afford to lose. I learned many lessons over the twelve years living in Las Vegas. TFL~
UPDATE: WhoooooHooooo...I was one of the random winners of this challenge and recieved a wonderful box of $175. worth of scapping goodness...thanks!!!