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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

A wonderful young boy called Danny whose mum I met on this site and then IRL when holidaying from Australia, decided he was ready to pass on his amazing collection of Thomas The Tank train engines. My grandson Henry was a super lucky little guy when Danny decided he wanted to send the to Henry whose face lit up like I can't explain when he opened the box with so many of this marvellous collection that he didn't recognise because they are the originals from Thomas. Danny had enclosed a note to Henry and my daughter Erin shared it with Henry before he was allowed to take any out of the box.

She explained that there was this lovely little boy called Danny who wanted to share his trains with someone as he was growing up now, and he chose Henry, she made sure he realised how lucky he was to receive these and although only just turned 3, I could tell he understood, we have all had a wonderful time watching hi with these, and his dad was fascinated with the trains that he had never seen before after thinking he knew nearly all of was a joyous occasion....and thank you so very very much Danny from Henry, he will contact you soon.

You are a special little boy and as Henry's grandma I want to say thank you very much as well, you have made little Henry very very happy and I hope lots of wonderful things come your way for being so kind.