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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

August 24, 2010
Here you kids are standing at the end of the pier in Virginia Beach, Va. It was a cloudy overcast and windy day and I was trying to get you all posed for a picture! It wasn’t the most ideal spot or the most ideal conditions but darn it I wanted it and I was gonna have it!! So we just lined you all up and tried to get you all to look at the same time and I was just snapping away with my camera!! The boys would look one way and the girls would look the other way. The wind was blowing Sxxxxxx’s hair in a wild hair tornado and it was blowing Rxxxx’s hair all in her face!! It was so comical and we had so much fun that it doesn’t even matter that my photo isn’t perfect because the moment was and that is all that really matters in the grand scheme of things!! That we make each moment count, not perfect!!

Seas The Day by Jenn Barrette & Juilana Kneipp (SSD).
Little Sew & Sew Borders by Erica Zane (SSD).
Milk & Cookie Alpha by Julie Billingsley (SSD).
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