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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I found these paper racks on Craigslist. I only bought two at first, but after bringing them home and filling them I decided I needed all four... OMG I have so much paper - I guess I just didn't realize how much it all is until I saw it like this. But now it's so much easier to find and see, maybe I'll make more!

On the right are all my solids, sorted by color then texture (two or three shelves for each color, one smooth papers and one or two for textured). Next to that is my patterned paper and 8.5x11 solids, sorted by color. The left two towers are stacks and themes/kits.

In the basket on the right are my 8x8 and 6x6 stacks, and the basket below on the right is scraps...

I used to have my solid papers in a large file cart, which was really great - but unfortunately my cats loved it too. I had to store it under the table to keep them off of it (and bending the paper edges with their feet), and the wheels just didn't work very well on the carpet given how heavy the paper made the cart. It was a real pain to get to anything...hopefully the kitties find my paper towers less appealing. *crossing fingers*

Thanks for looking!