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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

LOL...this was SO much fun. Here's the story. Before we went on the road, my only phone that I could use to call Australia was a cord connected wall phone by the desk in the living room. After being gone a week with no internet or phone calls to my sister and before that, having the Jam, we ended up staying on the phone for four hours and the piece of graph paper is what happened. Doodling is in this season, right?

Journalling says:
The night we got home from Bass Lake marked the three week point since I had last had a good conversation with KJ.I called her that night from the wall phone in the living room. THIS is what happens when you talk for four hours from the same place at the desk. 11-8-04

I know the design isn't great, but I just love the memory, lol. TFL!