Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This project uses only 6 of the boxes and only two of the internal shelves.
Paint the bottom of the shelves, the base and the sides that face the inside
of the unit in Raw Umber Kaisercolour.
Cover the sides and top of the unit with SAND (reverse). Cover the back
board with URCHIN (reverse).
Assemble the six drawers using Glossy Accents. Cover with a selection
of papers from the Collection. Ink the edges. From the Collectables range
select six of the small circle pieces and ink edges. Adhere one to each of the
drawers to resemble the handle.
Select various elements including dolphins, a whale, sea horse, starfish and
coral from the Collectables. Ink edges.
Select a larger piece from WAVES to use on the backboard. Apply double
sided tape to the side of this piece – not the top and bottom. Adhere the
left side of the paper to the front of the left hand side of the unit, and
the right side close to the centre of the backboard. This will form a curved
shape. Adhere some of the elements you inked and some quotes to this
Adhere remaining elements to create a little underwater adventure.