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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my first time to do "free style" and I am not sure that I did it right! This layout is for my daughter, Maegan, who turns 16 this summer. The journaling is my 16 wishes for her as she continues to mature and grow into a young lady. Journaling reads:
1. the Lord will keep you safe
2. for a healthy, happy outlook on life
3. the strength to try new things
4. the wisdom to know right from wrong
5. true friendships that will last a lifetime
6. inner peace
7. to find true love (after college!)
8. to know that you are loved
9. to fulfill God's calling for your life
10. to stop and smell the roses
11. to see the good in everyone
12. to learn and grow from your mistakes
13. the sense of helping others
14. the gift of knowledge
15. laughter
16. courage to live without judgement by others

Thanks for looking at my experiment!!