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Temple of Heaven

Making Music

Located in Beijing, just south of the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven is a ceremonial place where the emperor went each year to pray for
good weather and a good harvest.

This woman had a lovely voice and sang out passionately a Chinese Opera song that was
unfamiliar to me, but apparently it was a crowd favorite.
At some points she stumbled &amp; apologized, but quickly resumed.
When she finished her song, many people around her, though they appeared not to be listening, clapped loudly.

In many public places, I encountered groups of musicians who were blind or otherwise disabled. I wonder if the Chinese government encourages
disabled people to support themselves in this way.
I would like to know how the lives of disabled and retired people in China have changed in modern times.
How do their lives compare with such people in the United States?

Created digitally, using PSP 9, Photoshop Elements 2.0, and digital scrapbooking files (like Ekits) from Cottage Arts.