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Give a Cheer
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The Chinese Way of Using Stone
Know the Fish Bridge
The Garden of Hamonious Interests

n Sunday, January 8, 2006, Xiulan and I went
to the Summer Palace. I told her I would go wherever she wanted to go and she lead me to
the Garden of Harmonious Interests, where she
hoped to find some older people in one of the
pavilions, singing songs from the Chinese Opera.
The singers were not there because it was too
cold. Many of the visitors that day were older
folks who sat quietly enjoying the winter scene.

The garden was nearly vacant, perhaps because so many had visited the Summer Palace the preceding weekend, over the 3 day New Year holiday. On this quiet day, we were able to enjoy many of the pleasures of the garden in isolation, as the Imperial family might have enjoyed them. These pathways have wide flat smooth central pavers, and on the sides, craftsman laid rounded stones
in a fluid pattern that flows down the hills like a river.

This garden was built around a pond filled with lotus. When the lotus bloomed the garden was filled with intoxicating fragrance.

All terraces, pavilions, halls and water houses here are connected by corridors. The entire purpose of the garden is to ease the visitorís mind.

Created digitally, using PSP 9, Photoshop Elements 2.0, and digital scrapbooking files (like Ekits) from Cottage Arts.