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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

Background paper for this is cardstock covered with a piece of the hospital gown. Bill was sent home with his hospital gown becuase he couldn't get his tshirt over his head so I made several hospital pages out of it becuase I had my gall bladder out in the same place he got his pace maker. I still have enough gown squares left for 2 or 3 more hospital layouts - hope I don't have to use them! My son will be having surgery soon but at a different hospital so his gown won't be like ours.

Here's the journaling:
Bill and I went in for our routine office visit and it was discovered he was in A-fib. His heart rate was at 142 the first time they checked it and a few minutes later it was at 151.

Time to get Bill to the emergency room. He left the hospital 5 days later with a shiny new pacemaker.

Julia Clifton, my dear friend in Louisiana sent him flowers with a note:

“Please quit scaring people who love you!”