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We had just returned to our hotel room after a fantastic seafood dinner at Rosie's Clam Shack, our favorite place in St. Petersburg. I was already in bed and Bill had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready for bed. Then came a voice from the bathroom, “Hey honey… we agreed we were going to pack lighter for this trip and not have so much stuff to drag in and out of hotels. So why did you pack 3 deodorants?”

Me – “I didn't pack 3 deodorants. I packed yours and I packed mine. That's only 2 deodorants.”

Him - “No, there is another deodorant in a clear bottle. I've never seen clear deodorant before so I'm going to try it.”

Me - (feeling that someone wasn't quite right) “Bring it in here and let me see what you've got.”

Him - (Walking into the room with his arm up ready to apply his new treasure find to his armpit)

Me - “I wouldn't do that dear. Not a good idea and you won't be happy.”

Him – “Why not?”

Me – “Remember the new compression stockings the doctor told me to wear? That is the very strong body glue that holds them in place so they won't fall down when I wear them all day.”

Yep – The man was 2 seconds away from gluing his armpits to his body.

We've been married 3 years now. Nothing has changed. I still have to save his life almost daily.