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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

It's been a long time since I journaled on a layout.....just some reflections from the past few days, life has been really hectic lately.

We could sleep in. I'll make you banana pancakes, pretend like its the weekend now and we could pretend it all the time...
I love that line in JJ's song. It reminds me of you...and one of the valuable lessons you have taught me about life. About slowing down. Living in the moment. Tossing aside itineraries, freeing ourselves of worry, welcoming spontaneity. You have taught me that relaxation is an art form - a way of life. You have taught me that it is important to enjoy the journey - that happiness doesn't occur only when we attain our goals. It exists everywhere. All the time. We just have to be open to it. I'm aware now. I'm in the moment with you.

Thanks for looking!

Products used:
script overlay by Katie Pertiet
paper flowers by katie pertiet
cross stitch by katie pertiet
red gingham ribbon by katie pertiet
blue tape from inspire kit by jackie eckles
"e" alphabet from beachy kit by jackie eckles
circles stamp by jackie eckles
red scallop edge from Rose kit by kate teague
staples by katie pertiet
fonts: my old remington, dirty ego, porcelain, carnivale, impact