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really like this BH sketch - it contained less pictures than some of hers and was pretty easy to work with. Left page journaling - "A girl playing football. Tackle football. My girl. How cool is that? Really cool. Yeah, they were only 6 - 9 year olds but Cassidy really put herself out there to even try. I was beyond proud that she wanted to take Cody's place on the Desert Heat team. How many other little girls do I know that would try it? None. Except Bumbee - she did. Cool." Right page journaling - "Cassidy only ended up playing in one game (and several practices) before she decided tackle football wasn't for her. But at that game, after she made her first tackle, the boy she flattened looked into her helmet and exclaimed, "YOU'RE A GIRL!" She came flying back to the sidelines with a huge grin on her cute little face. She was just as surprised that she tackled him as he was. Congrats Cass, on a job well done. Kudos to you for the strength of character to try something new. Someday you'll understand what that means. Until then just know that I'm so proud of you - you are awesome!"