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Page 1 of layout about my daughter facing her Elmo sprinkler fears... thanks for taking a peek!

The Elmo sprinkler has been in your closet since the end of last summer and youíve asked to play with it a zillion and one times. Since Memorial Day weekend was so hot, I decided to grant your wish. You were giddy with anxiety and could barely stand still long enough to get ready. ďOpen it Mommy, open it, HURRY!Ē I tore open the box, half read the directions, and we headed out to the yard. I skipped right past the baby mode and went straight to the big kid option (defined as 2 to 3 years old) where Elmo spins around and shoots cool streams of water.

You were terrified. Seriously petrified. Real tears quickly replaced the initial look of panic across your face, probably because I hesitated. I stood dumbfounded for a moment before turning it off. My brave little girl who yearned to play with this for months was afraid. After lots of encouragement and watching me happily run through the water, you agreed to give it a whirl. But only in baby mode, just a light mist that doesnít spin. Then you let me turn it up. And up. No, that was too high. And down. Then, slowly but surely, the fear was wiped away and you began to giggle. And laugh. And burst into hysterics. It was fun. Really fun. And it tasted great. Really cold and refreshing. You drank it by the gallons, in between bits of laughter. Courage isnít being unafraid; it is facing those fears and triumphing over them. And triumph you did, my brave kiddo, triumph indeed.

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