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Journaling says: "The family strolled through Park Guell and we were fascinated by the various columns in the park. Gaudi's work often united nature and architecture, and Park Guell is no different. Park Guell exudes Gaudi's personal style and a profound inspiration in nature. Gaudi let loose his imagination. It's a playground for the mind: visual jokes, like columns that simulate palm-tree trunks, rubble-surfaced arches that grow out of the ground, quilts of ceramic tiles. Gaudi aimed to integrate perfectly the park with its natural surroundings. To achieve this effect he designed slanted rock-built columns of diverse sizes and shapes which remind us of tree trunks or natural caves. Gaudi also managed to incorporate a religious sense to the Park Guell trajectory by taking profit of the terrain's irregularity designing an ascending religious path which takes us to Monumento al Calvario or Colina de las Tres Cruces.