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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Building a workbench
Finally, Larry gets to build something for himself.
He extended the fence to the front of the new shed which created a bigger area in the dog pen.
This allowed us to access the new shed from the back yard without having to walk all the way around the other end of the house.
The larger area inside the fence allows him to have an outdoor workbench there.
The gate at the front will be open enough for the dogs to see what is going on in the front yard,
which is great because they will probably use this area more than Larry.
See the beautiful big doghouse back there? Larry built it.
Each dog has his own door and Casey’s side has a removable window.
As soon as the area was enclosed we let the dogs in and Cody hung around whenever Larry worked out there.
If we could only teach Cody to build things, Larry could hang up his toolbelt!

Larry keeps saying he’ll quit building things when he reaches 60 this September.
Trouble is, he still wants to build a kayak and an art studio and I still need a bridge in the garden and then there’s....

Watch out for the Plum Tree!
Larry took my birthday week as vacation to do this project.
The weather was fabulous but the plum tree was covered with fruit that was almost ripe.
We couldn’t bear to injure the tree so Larry worked around it.
Amazingly, he worked around that tree for a whole week and didn’t hurt a single plum
(except the ones we ate.)

What a wonderful guy

To read a blog about this project, go to
Digital layout made with PSE2 and digital elements from Cottage Arts and ecuts (Autumn Leaves, Honor, and School).