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Visiting stingray city sandbar to swim with the stingrays in the Cayman islands! Those big black blobs in the water? Those are stingrays. The ladies are the big ones. Theoretically, the stingrays only swarm you if you are holding squid. In reality, the stingrays swarm you as soon as the boat floats up, because they know squid is coming. And then as soon as they seen the next boat, they're off! I was terrified that they were going to take off my toes.

Journaling reads: Swimming with stingrays was half awesome, half terrifying! The stingrays were so cuddly...they just want right into you, over you, around you, even if you weren't holding fish! They are actually really soft, and they don't have teeth, but at 70lbs, they are still imposing. What a cool experience to have!"