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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

Just starting to get organized for Project Life today. Cameron is napping and Evan is rolling all over the floor in my office. Both boys woke up at 6:30 am screaming at the same time - enough to drive me mad. I had to carry both boys into my room and sit in the rocking chair with Evan in my lap nursing while Cameron sat beside me & watched Mickey Mouse Club House on TV.

I feel like that “We Can Do It!” propaganda poster today: I am in the mood to start fresh and get things done. Mondays are always a recovery day for me. I always do laundry, dishes, and put away bags full of stuff, as well as getting the boys back on schedule for naps etc., but today I am on overdrive. I'm cleaning out the hall closet, cleaning the floors downstairs, dusting through, organizing pictures and files on my computer, and getting my to-do list back up-to-date. Maybe it's the weather? Today it's 46 degrees
after so many days of below zero wind chill!

For weeks now, the decision of when to wean Evan has been weighing heavily on my mind. I know the breastfeeding is great for a baby, but between back-to-back pregnancies [which makes me feel like I've been nursing for two years] and 8 weeks of full body hives [antihistamines —> lower milk production —> constant fear of or actual proof of Evan not getting enough milk], I'm really wishing I could stop completely. I've been supplementing with a few bottles of formula plus rice each day due to all of the above
AND the fact that Evan is a giant baby that needs more calories.
PRODUCTS: Used background papers from sugarplum's "life in real color" kit for colors, created my own title (month) card, picture card, info graphics and journal card.