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Journaling: This week it has officially gotten HOT! It has been in the high 90ís and when you donít have air conditioning, and your house hovers at around 84 degrees, and you are pregnant... It just doesnít make for the best combination. We are trying to combat the heat with fans and I think I may even give in to a ceiling fan just to help cool the house off a bit. Needless to say there have been quite a few popsicles consumed in the past week. Iím just glad we donít have humidity or Iíd really be sorry. Other than trying to stay cool we have had a pretty relaxing week. Things are continuing to get completed at work in preparation for my departure. The house however is not being kept up like it should. I just get so tired in the evenings that itís hard for me to keep up the cleaning and organizing. I know that Iím going to have to start soon though because you guys will be here before we know it. 6/29/06

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