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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Supplies: white cardstock, stamps (bold images work very well), chalk, cotton balls, Versamark stamp pad (Fig 1)

1. Stamp your image(s) randomly on the white cardstock with the Versamark ink (Versamark is a clear, glycerin-base ink that dries slowly). (Fig 2)
2. Choose 2-4 colors of chalk. Using a cotton ball, rub the first color on various spots of your stamped paper. The rubbing will not affect the stamped images, and you will see them appear as you apply the chalk. Continue with this method until you have used all your chosen colors and/or covered the entire page. (Fig 3)
3. With a clean cotton ball, rub firmly over the entire sheet to remove excess chalk (helps to blend the colors together a bit as well). (Fig 4)
4. For each layout you create this month using this technique, you receive 15 bonus points.