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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

*You may have ONE other person to take ONE picture for you. (My mom got this shot.)
This is me with Shugie. His real name is Alfred, but everyone calls him Shugie because of the Yiddish word meshuganah, meaning crazy.
He is always with the elderly students at the Jewish Synagogue where I teach English as a Second Language. I've known him since I was 10. He's American and knows English perfectly, it's not even the synagogue he attends, but he loves everybody and everybody loves him so he likes to just hang out and help where he's needed.
Shugie is 88. His wife passed away a few years ago, but he has his children, even more grandchildren and more great grandchildren than I can remember. He's one of those people you can't not love after you've met him.
He's a flirt too and he's always asking me to teach him English.